Drag Illustrated Issue 110, June 2016 | Page 41

More RPM! Manley’s Valve Train Components allow your engine achieve its maximum performance potential. Weight is the enemy offers TensileMax steel retainers that are nearly as light as standard titanium retainers but much harder (Rc 52-54) for improved wear. H-13 tool steel retainers, which Rockwell at 56, are 33% lighter than standard 10° steel retainers. Titanium Saves weight Compact Dual Valve Springs Among other things, it hampers valve train kinetics and has an impact on reliability. That’s why Manley’s engineering team strives to make the company’s products as light as possible —without sacrificing durability. Manley one -piece forged titanium valves are preferred by leading engine builders and have an outstanding track record of reliability. And Manley makes a good thing even better through offering custom hollow stem titanium intakes and “thin film” seat face coating (choose between CrN or NANO) for improved lubricity, wear resistance and a better seal between the seat and face. Reduced Mass Stainless The Pro-Flo design, originated by Manley, improves low-lift flow and also has less mass than valves with conventional stems. They’re part of the industry’s widest selection of forged stainless steel valves. Lightweight Retainers Retainers are another area where Manley has pared weight to improve RPM potential. In addition to FEAdeveloped titanium retainers, Manley Even more weight savings are available through replacing triple valve spring setups with Manley’s new generation of compact, lightweight NexTek® double springs. Of course, like all other Manley NexTek® springs, they have amazing load retention properties, and they’re backed by Manley’s NHRA Major Sponsor contingency program. Optimum Pushrod Size Manley’s one-piece swedged-end 4130 chrome moly pushrods come in no less than five different o.d. and wall thickness combinations to assure you’re achieving valve train stability at the lightest possible weight. And There’s More… Add special valve locks, a wide assortment of spring cups and i.d. locators, shims and special cylinder head prep tools, and you’ve got everything you need for the best valve train on the market today. New 50th Anniversary Catalog POWERS 732-90 J u5n-e 32 3 0 16 66 THE WINNERS www.manleyperformance.com Manley’s big 192-page catalog for 2016 details the extensive lineup of components and engine building aids and is available online for download, or a printed version along with a special Manley T-shirt is yours for $10. Connect to our website DragIllustrated.com Drag via your smart| phone Illustrated | 41