Drag Illustrated Issue 112, August 2016 | Page 23

More Power. More Control. MORE RACER SUPPORT. XFI™ Engine Management Systems Give Hardcore Drag Racers The Power To Control And Customize Their Engine Setups For An Unmatched Edge. FAST® engineers have listened to the needs of racers. The result is two systems designed to control and maximize setup. Pair each one with an ever-growing tuner community and expert tech support and you have the capability to fine tune like never before. INDUSTRY’S BEST TECH SUPPORT Whether you’re at the shop, the track, or somewhere in between, FAST® is there to help you with experienced, knowledgable technicians. Stores Up To 4 Tunes NEW THE FAST® ADVANTAGE LARGE TUNER COMMUNITY XFI SPORTSMAN ™ XFI 2.0 ™ The brand new XFI Sportsman Engine Management System is a bank-to-bank, fully software-tunable EFI system perfect for those who want more control than EZ-EFI 2.0®, but a simpler option than XFI 2.0™ Fuel Injection. It requires a laptop and includes FAST® C-Com® software and necessary cables. The revolutionary XFI 2.0™ features advanced forced induction, power adder and race controls including two separate, fully programmable sequential rev limiters for staging or boost building with six options for activation, four priority assignments and a user-selectable sequential or random mode of rev limiting. • Utilizes intuitive FAST® C-COM® software for racer-friendly tuning • Proven Adaptive Learning technology allows automatic fuel mapping • Speed Density and Alpha-N fuel strategies for absolute consistency • Time-based, closed-loop control for accurate boost management ™ • Supports boosted engines, offers timing control and nitrous retard • Proven Adaptive Learning technology allows automatic fuel mapping • CAN network support provides plug-andplay operation From Internet forums to the racetrack, XFI™ users are everywhere to help you get your vehicle dialed in just right. TOTAL CONTROL FOR UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE AND CONSISTENCY XFI™ systems feature full tables to monitor timing, fueling, acceleration fuel, and air/fuel targets. A user-configurable auxiliary input channel and full-function data logging are also included. • Progressive, 4-Stage nitrous control eliminates external controllers • Patented transbrake creep function for precise turbo staging control • Coil dwell control optimizes performance on COP applications The #1 Choice In Electronic Fuel Injection BUMP STAGER 1.877.334.8355 • WWW.FUELAIRSPARK.COM • August 2016 9718j Improves staging accuracy by allowing users to access the patented “transcreep” function found in FAST® XFI™ without the added expense of converting the vehicle to a full XFI™ system. This enables the vehicle to slowly move forward during staging for consistent results. #GOFASTER | D r a g I l l u s t r a t e d | 23 DragIllustrated.com