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class because it ’ s such a challenge to run a clutchequipped , naturally aspirated doorslammer .
“ Mountain Motor Pro Stock is such a great class ,” Buck asserts . “ It ’ s such an awesome feeling to run in this class and be able to win at this level . People think it ain ’ t a big deal . The reason there ’ s not more people running Mountain Motor Pro Stock is because it ’ s too damn hard . You have to adjust the clutch , pull the tranny out every round , service the clutch .”
Despite regularly winning on the Nostalgia Pro Stock circuit in his “ Warlock ” Camaro , Buck admitted he wouldn ’ t be a competitive driver in the MMPS car , so he tapped Kirk to drive last season .
“ Justin Kirk gave us the best chance to do good ,”
Buck says . “ I ’ m not as healthy as I used to be . I cannot drive at his level . He ’ s a better driver . You ’ ve gotta swallow your pride and let your ego get out of the way and do what ’ s best to win a race . And we want to win a race . We want to continue [ winning ] from here .”
Winning the second race on the PDRA ’ s eight-race schedule has invigorated the team that already had a solid schedule planned for the season . Since the team is located in Missouri , the ADRL ’ s Midwest and central U . S . -based races made the most sense for the Bucks . But the win has Kirk thinking about a PDRA championship chase .
“ We didn ’ t get to go to the first race , but this puts us right in the thick of it ,” Kirk says . “ I know it ’ s early and you can ’ t count points , but we ’ re
already looking at the next round . We ’ re just a small team out here doing big people things .”
For Buck , the win was validation for his hard work and sacrifices to chase the Pro Stock dream . For others , it should be motivation to keep chasing the dream .
“ I used to bracket race and leaned over the fence watching Warren Johnson and Butch Leal and Larry Morgan ,” Buck begins . “ Larry Morgan is my hero in Pro Stock . I love Pro Stock .
“ To be able to win in Pro Stock is a dream come true and I want to say to all the guys that ’ ve leaned over the fence with a bracket car that want to go Pro Stock race someday , go do it . Go put in the effort and the work because it ’ s well worth it ,” Buck continues . “ I don ’ t care if I have to pay them $ 10,000 for the damn trophy .” DI
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