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D . I . COLUMNIST The Real Deal with Tommy D ' Aprile

On a beautiful , fullmoon evening here in Florida , this question comes to mind : How many times have you been given a second chance at something ? Now most of us can probably recall sometime in our lives where we were certainly glad for that second chance . From relationships , friendships or even a second chance at life , we have all at some point or another been given a second chance .

Here is another question : How many of you still appreciate and remember your good fortune ? We live in a society of entitlement and a take-for-granted way of living . The second chance becomes something people think they deserve . The truth is that none of us deserve anything , including second chances .
The attitude of gratitude should be what we live by daily . Do you know that being grateful , or should I say choosing to be grateful , daily can and will change your life ? The circumstances we encounter daily can either develop us or destroy us .
Here is a little story of something that happened to me . It was a beautiful morning at the races . I woke early to make breakfast for the kids . Spending time with family in the motorhome is always a fun time for me .
I went to the fridge and heard a hissing sound . Not quite sure what this was , I opened the refrigerator door to find a can of Reddi-Wip had gotten stuck in the door and discharged all the whipped cream into the refrigerator . After that fun cleanup , I decided to make some coffee . I grabbed the bag of coffee grounds but didn ’ t notice it was open , so the whole bag dumped on the floor .
Another lengthy cleanup and some mumbling from under my breath prompted me to just go and take a walk . I put on my shoes and went outside . The air was crisp and clear . I took about 20 steps and stepped in a huge pile of dog poop .
Why am I telling you all of this , you might ask ? Well , here is why . After all that , I still had a second chance to enjoy the day , but would I take that second chance or complain the whole day about my little misfortunes ? Let me tell you that I took that second chance and became grateful for all the blessings in my life and had a great day .
How many of you are blowing off the second chances daily ? Instead of taking the gift of the second chance , we hold on to what festers in us and ruin the day , the month , the year or even a whole lifetime . The second chance is a gift , a gift that you can choose .
Then why is it so hard to choose sometimes ? Because we let ourselves get in the way . You say things like “ I don ’ t deserve it ” or “ I won ’ t ever forgive them .” And why ? Because somehow , somewhere , you were taught that the second chance will never happen to you .
Let ’ s say you are racing at a million-dollar race and you lose in the semifinals . The track official comes to you after your loss and says we just decided to give you a second chance and now you are going to the finals . How many of you would say , “ no thanks ”? You know you would take it , especially when the stakes are so high .
But here is the real deal . The stakes are higher in real life . Take the second chance , and when you can , give a second chance to someone else . The value of this principle is not only life-changing for you , but it can also change someone else ’ s life . A second chance is a gift , so start receiving this gift and giving it out . As always , the choice is yours to make . DI
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May 2021

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