Drag Illustrated Issue 171, September / October 2021 | Page 30


Versatility and Consistency

No matter the power adder , Jeff Pierce chases championships in MWDRS Pro Mod and beyond By Josh Hachat

After a banner season in 2020 , Jeff Pierce has only added to his impressive resume in 2021 , firmly establishing himself as one of the top tuning minds in doorslammer racing .

He ’ s again calling the shots for the top Pro Mod in the Mid-West Drag Racing Series and has continued to work with more and more cars in the Outlaw 632 ranks .
Pierce ’ s attention to detail and ability to work with promising newcomers has made him a trusted name and the results have been undeniable .
Joey Oksas rattled off three straight wins in his twin-turbocharged ’ 67 Mustang in MWDRS Pro Mod to take a big points lead heading into the final event of the season , putting Pierce on track
to tune his way to a second straight world title in the class after doing it with Ron Muenks and the nitrous-fed “ Purple Gorilla ” ’ 68 Camaro owned by his father , Dave Pierce , a year ago .
Oksas made his debut in the class a year ago and had instant success , advancing to three final rounds , and it ’ s been a satisfying journey as Pierce is on track for another championship .
“ It ’ s very enjoyable to get that success with another team ,” Pierce says . “ We house Joey ’ s car in my shop and to have him in contention this year , that ’ s what we ’ re trying to do . They wanted to race for a championship and we ’ re working hard to try and get that .”
It ’ s been an enjoyable experience helping mold Oksas from promising rookie to championship contender , and Pierce has made the right calls accordingly .
Oksas has total trust in the car and the tuning decisions Pierce makes and that ’ s been reflected throughout the season . He ’ s praised the job of Pierce time and time again , noting an impressive ability to make tweaks based on the round and what ’ s needed to win . It might not be the biggest run of the weekend , but
Pierce is always aiming for long-term success .
“ Consistency has been the biggest thing ,” Pierce says . “ We started the year looking for more and we were trying to find performance that maybe
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