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in making the steps up it would take to run at that level .
“ My Corvette is pretty much self-efficient ,” Hall says . “ I got her set up . She can run on one system , 4.30 , . 32 , . 31 , right in there . If I need to , I can turn the second one on for just a little bit , go . 24 , just to make sure it ’ s in the show good .”
That efficiency allows Hall to go racing with his two cars and the second dragster driven by his daughter while also supporting Fulton ’ s customers in Pro Nitrous and the sportsman classes .
“ I can run that car all year long and do nothing to it except change the oil ,” Hall adds . “ I ’ ll change the oil every 30-35 runs and check the valve springs and check the valve lashing and I keep on rocking and rolling , and that ’ s the way I got the dragster set up , too . And people give me hell about that . ‘ You don ’ t ever have to work on your cars .’ Bubba , I work on this stuff during the week . I do not want to come to the racetrack and work on it .
“ Not only that , this happens all the time ,” Hall starts . “ I ’ ve been at somebody ’ s trailer working on a motor and my wife has pulled up on the golf cart saying , ‘ Hey , you going to make this run ?’ ‘ Yeah .’ ‘ Well , they ’ re running your class now .’ ‘ What ?’ So I had to take off and get the car and haul butt up to make the run . I don ’ t even have time to work on my own car at the racetrack . But it ’ s fun .”
One of Hall ’ s most significant upgrades over the last several years was actually for himself , not his cars . He had LASIK eye surgery over the offseason going into the 2020 season . Just under a year later , he was celebrating his first PDRA Top Sportsman world championship at the World Finals . When asked if he thinks his improved vision made that much of a difference , Hall answers with an emphatic yes .
“ I can see the tree now ,” Hall says . “ What really made me decide to do that LASIK surgery was I was at Virginia the year before and I made a pass and I got down in the shutdown area and turned off the track . It ’ s real dark down there in the trees and I pulled my glasses off and laid them on my knee and took my helmet stuff off , and I went back to get my glasses and they were gone .
“ Well , then I had to get out of the car , and I ’ m stumbling around the car and I broke my glasses . So I ’ m over there at the trailer , fixed them back so I can make the next round , and I was like , ‘ You know what ? I ’ m going to see if I can get my eyes fixed this winter ,’ so that ’ s what I did .”
Hall ’ s family keeps him going when things get overwhelming . When Hall goes racing , he ’ s almost always joined by his whole family , including wife Alison , daughters Brooke and Treyana , Brooke ’ s husband , Joe , and Brooke and Joe ’ s daughters , Lakyn and Josie . The youngest of Hall ’ s two granddaughters , Josie , was born earlier
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