Drag Illustrated Issue 178, September / October 2022 | Page 26


It ’ s a great car .”
Aside from his commitment to the future of Stock and Super Stock , Poole-Adams is invested in drag racing as a whole as a founding member of Performance Racing Industry ( PRI ).
“ None of this is about me ,” he insists . “ The reason I ’ m invested is because what we do is under attack , and we have to keep this thing alive for generations . We have to keep the kids interested and bring drag racing to kids who may not experience it otherwise .”
Poole-Adams and wife Veronica sponsor Jr . drag racers , including Illinois-based Jeggie and Claire Weets . They have also pledged to sponsor Foley and wife Brooke ’ s son , Langdon ( upon whom he has bestowed the nickname “ Lugnut ”), in his future Jr . drag racing endeavors .
“ I just want to do the best that I can and leave a mark ,” he says . “ We live our lives , we work hard , and we always have steady goals . But if I die tomorrow , I ’ ve lived a great life .” DI
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