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Brothers Jason and Chris Miller of Miller Brothers Productions are known for their first-class track prep and year-round guerrilla marketing . The Miller brothers have honed in on their skills and built three successful organizations – the Hail Mary Derby , the Xtreme Dragbike Association and the World Cup Finals : Import vs Domestic .
As a matter of fact , Jason and Chris cracked the code for success in 2022 when they announced a sold-out crowd for the World Cup Finals – the first in its history .
“ There are a lot of really good promoters out there . But I feel that our calling card is making sure all the details are handled and we listen to our racers . We get a lot of feedback from our racers . We ’ re constantly improving the event ,” said Jason . “ They want to come back next year and bring somebody with them , and that ’ s how we ’ re growing with this race [ World Cup Finals ]. That ’ s how we got to where we ’ re at right now . We ’ re very fortunate .”
The 2022 World Cup Finals : Import vs Domestic was the biggest in the event ’ s history – it hosted racers and fans from around the world for five days during its 26th annual running . Plus , they provided something for everyone . From the side-by-side races on track to the action-packed midway and international bikini contests , the Miller brothers know what it takes to put on a spectacular event .
“ The fans get behind the World Cup Finals in a big way . It ’ s the only place they can see these cars run a quarter mile because they typically
race an eighth mile ,” said Jason . “ Not only do fans come to see the cars they love , but also some of the notable racers that have made a name for themselves .”
The “ MBP ” style and their sold-out World Cup Finals solidified their spot as Drag Illustrated ’ s Promoters of the Year .
Furthermore , Jason and Chris have been in the promotion industry for more than a quarter-century . They ’ ve gained knowledge and have become experts at adapting to the ever-changing dynamic of drag racing and making plans for growth . Every time , they have come out on top .
“ Every year has been bigger than the previous year in terms of attendance , sponsor support , and media support ,” said Jason . – KAYLA ZADEL DI
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