Drag Illustrated Issue 180, January / February 2023 | Page 98

On a similar note , only four other drivers have won five or more championships in Pro Stock . Is it surreal to know you ’ re now in that club with the likes of Bob Glidden , Warren Johnson , and so on ?
Yes . That ’ s probably my favorite stat of all to be mentioned alongside of people that I looked up to my entire career that are absolute legends of our sport .
And I ’ ve been fortunate enough to work with Bob . When I drove for [ Jim ] Cunningham , I worked with him for two years and he was probably one of my biggest supporters . He ’ s from a generation that didn ’ t necessarily think it was OK for women to do the same thing as men . So as a young girl back then , I was apprehensive going in thinking that he might not like me . It was the exact opposite , so our relationship was amazing .
So , to be able to put my name up there with his , my former teammate , Jeg Coughlin Jr ., and Greg Anderson with his 101 wins in Pro Stock , it is kind of surreal because I stood outside of their trailers for their autographs when I was a little girl .
I don ’ t even know how we got here but I just pinch myself sometimes . And I don ’ t feel like we ’ re anywhere close to being done , but even if we were , what a great way to hang your hat up .
No doubt . Coming off of a career-best season , what ’ s it going to take to maintain that performance level or even take it one step further ?
A lot of hard work , and just putting our heads down , and not being scared , not taking any crap . Like I mentioned earlier , those guys in North Carolina aren ’ t on a cruise ship or sitting around drinking Mai Tais . They ’ re hard at work because they want to beat us this year just like we wanted to beat them last year .
It ’ s just going to take a team effort , and I couldn ’ t ask for anyone better , and I ’ m serious . I wished my entire career for a group like I have , and to have Mark Ingersoll at the helm with the crew chiefs , he ’ s the only person I ’ ve met that wants to win more than I do , and he ’ s a brilliant guy . We have the best group of people that believe in it wholeheartedly and have made the sacrifices that we all do to make this dream a reality .
I think that we ’ re absolutely capable of having the season again like we had last year . But I do know we have a target on our back , and I do know that they will continue to swing for the fences when they run us . There are people that drag their crap up there and they go . 00 against me , and the next round , they drag a . 070 up there . So , they ’ re giving us their best every single time and we just have to rise to the occasion and we can do it . I know we can .
Finally , going back to something you talked about a little bit earlier – you won Pomona 1 , Sonoma , and Maple Grove for the first time in 2022 . How motivated are you to add Gainesville to that list in ‘ 23 ?
Very . That ’ s another track that has been a real trick to us in the past . Especially if we reflect on last year , losing first round on a ginormous holeshot while we set the world record , and not just for EFI , but for Pro Stock in the carbureted era too . It was just a huge low blow for me , but it made me better , so if that ’ s what it took , whatever .
But yes , the Gatornationals are on the list . When I wrote out my goals in January , that ’ s one of them on there , so we ’ re going to swing for it . The fact that that ’ s the race that starts our season , what better way to start off the year than to win at the Gators . DI
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