Drag Illustrated Issue 182, May / June 2023 | Page 128

Keith Haney Represents MWDRS in Cross-Series Rivals Night Matchup

“ There ’ s some tension between the NHRA and the Mid-West guys versus the NMCA and PDRA guys . All these organizations have come together as one , which hasn ’ t been done before , but you ’ ve got all of them wanting a piece of the pie ,” said Keith Haney , WSOPM invitee and Mid-West Drag Racing Series founder .
Haney was looking forward to the return of some Pro Mod rivalries , plus going toe-to-toe against drivers he wouldn ’ t typically line up against racing in the Midwest .
“ The atmosphere here is obviously great because there are so many great drivers . We ’ re excited about being here for the guys , the crew , and everybody ,” Haney continued .
Haney , who drives one of the fastest nitrous oxide-injected Pro Mods nicknamed “ Black Mamba ,” paired up with PDRA series co-owner and two-time Pro Nitrous world champion Tommy Franklin for a MWDRS vs . PDRA Rivals Night matchup . Haney left first , but Franklin got the win . – KAYLA ZADEL DI

Erica Enders Adds Mountain Motor Pro Stock to Résumé

Erica Enders made her Mountain Motor Pro Stock debut in the Mountain Motor Pro Stock Invitational , becoming the first woman to ever compete in the class . Piloting her Elite Motorsports Chevy Camaro , Enders qualified fifth with a 4.085 at 176.17 mph .
“ I was really excited about the opportunity to jump in a Mountain Motor car ,” Enders said . “ I ’ ve spent the last 20 years trying to perfect my craft of driving 500-inch Pro Stock , so it was cool to add this to my résumé .”
The weekend was cut short , however , as Enders suffered a first-round defeat to Chris Powers . Despite the loss , Enders is excited about the future for the program .
“ We were honored to be invited ,” said Enders . “ From the moment we rolled in , we were treated like rock stars . Although I wish our first outing would have produced more successful results , I think this program has huge potential .” – CRAIG COOK DI
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