Drag Illustrated Issue 149, October 2019 | Page 62

TRICK OF THE WEEK YEAR Drag racing’s seemingly endless supply of innovative manufacturers provide a sneak peek at their latest-and-greatest parts, pieces and mechanical marvels L ooki ng to launch a ne w business i n 20 20 ? Here’s a solid starting point: Find a consumer pain point and address it. “Solving racers’ problems has been the driving force behind our business since day one,” one CEO-level operator told D rag I llustrateD . It’s almost unimaginable the progress that has been made in some 65-years of organized drag racing, but even more impressive is the way Dr ag Illustr ated that drag racing’s top manufacturers continue to churn out game- changing products year-after-year – almost all designed to solve a problem that one, one-hundred, or one-thousand-plus racers face every weekend. For nearly 15 years D rag I llustrateD has worked in conjunction with those aforementioned forward-thinking companies to present the largest collection of new go-fast goodies to our loyal racing readers – in some cases - before they are seen anywhere else. 62 D r a g Il l u s t r a t e d . c o m