Drag Illustrated Issue 178, September / October 2022 | Page 92

Elite Performance ’ s drive to develop and harness power for Pro Stock , Pro Mod , and beyond


Elite Performance ’ s drive to develop and harness power for Pro Stock , Pro Mod , and beyond

When you stop to think about it , a well-performing engine is truly a work of functional art . Only a true artist can create a smooth and seamless engineering marvel from what are ostensibly just hunks of metal .

Powering the largest professional drag racing team in the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series , Elite Performance is focused on building engines that can hold their own in the ultra-competitive Pro Stock and Pro Mod categories . Owned by Elite Motorsports , LLC ., Elite Performance is a result of owner Richard Freeman ’ s vision to build a brand that offers everything needed for a solid racing program from one reputable and knowledgeable source .
For engine builders Jake Hairston , Kyle Bates , Kendall Long and Steven Hurley , it ’ s all about bringing science , technology , and engineering
together to create a cohesive and consistent program . Everyone wants to find more power . That ’ s the foundation upon which this action-packed sport was built . More than that , they want to harness that power in a way that enhances real-world performance in the challenging track conditions that drag racers often face .
The team at Elite Performance utilizes data from their fleet of Pro Stock and Pro Mod cars to better understand the intricacies of these meticulously crafted machines . Thanks to the volume of information available to the team , they are able to identify patterns and potential pain points , long before most . Thanks to the experience and intellect of the members of this team , they can analyze the data and determine the best plan of action for success .
Elite Performance isn ’ t afraid to take risks that most average engine builders won ’ t attempt . The company is all about innovating in the world of
competitive drag racing , and Richard believes that starts with the right people across all of his businesses . With the right people in place , the seasoned entrepreneur then steps out of the way and lets his people do what they do best .
Richard puts his trust in his people , giving them room to experiment and push boundaries . Their scientific genius and insightful creativity can work in harmony without constraint , to develop robust solutions that leapfrog the competition .
Having earned 10 out of the 13 NHRA Pro Stock events contested so far this season , Elite Performance has quite a lot to celebrate . However , these talented and dedicated professionals are keeping their noses to the proverbial grindstone , calculating and collaborating as they continue to find ways to advance their competitive edge . Getting these powerful machines to come to life and perform just as intended requires intelligence ,
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