Drag Illustrated Issue 178, September / October 2022 | Page 93

thoroughness , and innovation . Not to mention , a fair amount of patience . As Elite seeks its fifth NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series Pro Stock world championship , they know that every moment counts , on and off the track .
With Hairston and Bates leading the charge , the team is consistently finding opportunities for improvement , continuing to dial in on the precision of every component .
Elite Performance was started in 2009 , but its roots go back way further than that . Richard ’ s father , Royce Freeman Sr ., was involved in Pro Stock at least as far back as the 1970s . That means for over 50 years , Richard and his brothers , Royce Lee and Robert , have been watching and working within this world . They know that when it comes to Pro Stock and Pro Mod , two of the most competitive categories in drag racing ,
there is no room for error . Every measurement , every decimal and every component must be precise . Beyond that , they must work perfectly together to create a true masterpiece .
Relentless innovation , led by insight and experience , drives the Elite Performance team to continue exploring new horizons in the industry while finding opportunities for consistency along the way . DI
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